Records and Books

The Newsstand

​The Newsstand is a meeting place for people who enjoy the simple pleasures of music and books and conversation. We believe that “classic” should also be contemporary: that great music and literature—designed and delivered in its highest quality form—never goes out of style. To that end, we’re dedicated to bringing the best in physical media to a new generation or readers and music enthusiasts.

Our store maintains an inventory of a thousand brand new vinyl records and five thousand books. We also sell turntables, t-shirts, and miscellaneous gift items. Students and faculty from our local colleges and schools receive a 10% discount on all merchandise, every day, with a valid school-issued ID.

Long time residents of Rock Hill will remember the Central Newsstand that served the community from our location for over half of the twentieth century; though we are not affiliated with that business in any way, we chose our name as a bridge from our city’s proud past to its exciting future. We are committed to helping continue the cultural revival currently taking place downtown.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to meeting you in person at The Newsstand Records & Books.